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Dragon ~ 23’ long female dragon with glowing and blinking eyes, and movable mouth...operated by 4-5 puppeteers (Very impressive on stage!)

Video of the Dragon in action!

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Shrek’s Swamp House with a workable door (5’ wide) ~  Oversized tree trunk “walls” on either side of the door...Entire house can be attached to an 4x8 wagon on castors


Rustic Crossroads Sign saying “SWAMP”, “DULOC”, “DONKEY” ~ Sign is on a base with castors

Duloc Castle

Duloc exterior - These three flats can be flown or braced (2-18’ high x 5’ wide side flats with 1- 12’ high wide center section with painted/non operational door)


Fiona's tower (Inside and outside for both Fiona’s tower scenes) ~ Tower is 16’ feet tall with detachable spire and can be mounted on a 4x8 wagon with castors)


2 Walls for Dragon's keep (2- 8’ wide sections for each side of stage) 


4 Stockades on castors for Knights in Dragon’s keep


Portcullis for end of Dragon scene...(10’ wide by 12’ high)
Can be flown to trap the Dragon at the end of Fiona’s song,
 This is How a Dream Comes True


Big rollable stump with stump cover.... (used for Freak Flag and end of show) when uncovered it can become the top of wedding cake for a final show tableaux (Heavy item) ~ (4’ in diameter X 18" high)


Rock wall (Donkey is building this at end of Act 2)


Farq Castle

Lord Farquaad costume with leg rigging apparatus.

12 Shrek Hanging Sign

Shrek's costume

Young Shrek

Fiona's Princess Dresses (4)


  Fiona Wigs -


Fiona's Bridal Dresses (3 - Regular, Ogre, Fiona double)


Pinnocchio's partial costume (No lederhosen at present)
Pinnocchio's Mechanized nose


Big, Bad Wolf




Three Bears Head gear



Ugly Duckling

Gingy Duloc and Pnochio

Gingy Cookie sheet

Gingy Puppet (2 versions - handheld and cookie-sheet - Now has both legs on it.)

 DSC1243IMG 1095

Donkey hooves
(These can support full body weight)


Three Blind Mice
White sequined show dresses 


Three Blind Mice Wigs

Guard hats, assorted costumes


Knights - 4 tunics, conical hats and beards


Skeleton head-to-toe suits  (6 total)


Yellow wigs



Pigs partial costumes
3 XL suits (without padding)
2 hats

Duloc costume pieces (Bibs, gloves, knee-pads, hats)


Rat Tapper costume pieces
(Females: Skirts, sweaters, gloves, neckties, top-hats with ears, shoe pieces)
(Males: Top-hats with ears, vests, bow-ties)

6 Villagers Burn Yng Shrek

Peasant Clothes (misc. blouses, knickers, aprons, scarves, hats)

If you are interested, please contact us:

email -

or call us at (760) 487-8568


* Walking stick for young Shrek

* Fake Wood, kindling (fake and some of them bundled)

* Beware of Ogre sign (can hang on Shrek’s house)

Torches  ~ 3-4 (for opening Happy Villagers/Mob scene)

* Sign ~ “Beware Ogre!” 

* Flyer ~ “fairytale creatures are banished from the kingdom of Duloc”

* Magic wands ~ 2 for fairy godmother and sugar plum fairy

* 3 glittery canes for 3 blind mice

* Various fairy tale themed small suitcases ~ 3 cases for the 3 pigs....decorated as straw, sticks and bricks

* Case for Pinocchio (wooden outside)

* Big “dossier” ~ Fiona

*Giant old fashioned map...for Shrek 

* 2 Ginger Bread puppets (one is secured on a cookie tray with severed legs below and a black shroud, and one is handled by fairytale creature for Freak Flag scene). 

*Oversized baking utensils for Farquaad’s torture chamber

1. Giant rolling pin

2. Giant spatula

3. Giant egg-beater,

4. Giant carton of milk

* Crown for Farquaad (also for King Harold)

* 3 big identical fairytale books ~ 3rd must has the ability to have pages ripped out time and time again.

* 3 baby dolls for Fiona - 3 of the same baby doll to show passage of time in trio

   * 1st doll - good shape

   * 2nd doll - rattier

   * 3rd doll - really distressed with a removable head 

* Rope for bridge passage to Dragon's keep

*Fairy tale creature potest signs ~ “Power to ze Piggies”, “Up With Fairies”, “This Guy is a Sham”, “This Guy’s a Zealot!”, “We Demand Our Homes Back!” etc..

* Daisy chains, baskets, etc 

* Props for travel song...birds and butterflies on wires 

* Shrek helmet

* Tambourine 

* 2 daisy chains

* 2 giant Ogre “S’nothers” --campfire snack (squirrel gizzards and mulch) 

* Giant Sunflower---For Shrek during When Words Fail ~ looks like it’s been uprooted from ground...still has dirt and roots attached

* Deed to the swamp --scroll tied with ribbon

* Fake rocks ~ 10-15 of various sizes attached to a base for Donkey’s wall ~ Light weight with handles

* Big Cross for alter in Cathedral scene with big “F” inside the cross

* Sign ~ “Laugh”

* Sign ~ “Awwww!”

* Fake microphones

If you are interested, please contact us:

email -

or call us at (760) 487-8568