Rental Page - Costumes and Sets

1 Opening Screen

We have the following Shrek, the Musical items available for rent.

If you are interested, please contact us:

email -

or call us at (760) 487-8568

Farquaad Legs and costume:

Farq CastleFarquaad and Gingy

These are custom build, muscular legs!  They look great on stage and move very well!  The legs are sturdy, with ample padding for the performer's legs and knees.
The costume is hand sewn, and is absolutely beautiful!

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Pinochio's Nose: See picture below (with Gingy!)
   -  This nose is 14" when closed, and extends to 23" when full extended.
   -  The actor is able to control the speed of the extension.
Please see video to watch the nose in use.

Gingy Duloc and Pnochio

Gingy Puppet(s):
   -  Solo Gingy Puppet is 15" tall
   -  The mouth is controllable

Gingy Puppet(s):
   -  Cookie sheet Gingy Puppet is 15" tall
   -  The mouth is controllable

**  Our Fiona dresses, Duloc Costumes, etc  are also for rent, see photos below.  Please write or call for information on our costumes for rent. or 760-487-8568



Our set pieces for Shrek are also for Rental - See the pictures below.

We have Shrek's house, the Rock Wall that Donkey builds, the Stocks that the Knights are in during the dragon scene (see above), The Duloc Castle, and more!


The House is 10' tall.  It consists of 4 pieces.. the 2 side "trees, the door, and the ranch across the top of the door.  (The door opens and closes.)

The Duloc Castle is 16' high… Rigged to be flown … It is in three pieces. DSC0609